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From Kiko Sushi

Sushi One

6pcs Sushi, 6pcs Sashi, 4pcs California roll, 8pcs spicy tuna roll.


Sushi Two

12 pcs Sushi, 12 pcs sahimi, 10 pcs Rainbow roll, 10 pcs special crunch tuna roll


Sushi Three

18 pcs Sushi, 18 pcs sashimi, 10 pcs rainbow roll, 10 pcs mango tango roll, 10 pcs JB tempura roll


Sushi Four

24 pcs sushi, 24 pcs sashimi, 10 pcs rainbow roll, 10 pcs mango tango, 10 pcs JB tempura roll, 10 pcs tuna lover roll


Salmon Handroll

Amazing Freshly Flown in Daily "SCOTTISH SALMON" Accompanied with Farm Fresh Avocado


Salmon Sushi / Nigiri

Scottish Salmon Freshly Flown in Daily From Scotland's north-west coast, Premium succulent choice a must try "Two Pieces" Come in Each Order so make sure to order more than enough


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