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Kiko Specialty Rolls

Fish burned roll

Fresh wahoo, Thai sriracha sauce, avocado, crab stick, sesame oil, and cilantro, I/O topped with seared spicy smoked tuna


Mango tango

Salmon and avocado, I/O with mango and spinach flake on top


Lobster Lover

Steamed lobster tail mixed with spicy mayo, crab, cucumber, and avocado, I/O with fish eggs.


Mad tuna

Cream cheese, crab stick, and avocado, I/O with avocado, chopped seared Ahi tuna, and mango on top


Crispy ahi tuna

Quick fried sushi rice seasoned with bonito fish flake and topped with spicy tuna


Saigon Blossom

No rice. Rice paper wrapped around fresh spicy wahoo, crab stick, cilantro, cucumber and vintage sauce


Drunken Roll

Tempura style with crab stick, salmon, eel, and cream cheese, topped with dynamite crab and conch


Tripple crown

Tuna, salmon and yellow tail I/O fish eggs.


Neptune roll

Octopus, conch, Shrimp, Krab stick,Tuna, Salmon, hamachi, spicy mayo I/O fish Eggs


KC Roll

Fresh Cucumber wrapped in salmon , cream cheese, avocado wrapped in thin cucumber skin and serve with sweet rice vinegar sauce on side


Rainbow (R)

Cream cheese, Krab stick inside . Topped with tuna, salmon, white fish avocado.


Double Impact (R)

california roll topped with salmon, tuna, white fish , eel and avo on top.


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