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Darden Global Privacy Statement

Darden is based in the U.S., and its collection and use of Personal Information is processed subject to U.S. Data Protection laws. Personal Information is information that identifies you or reasonably can be linked to information that identifies you. For example, when you place an order online, to fulfill your order, we collect personal information, such as name, address, phone number, and credit or debit card information. Some laws define “personal information” differently, and we use those definitions when they are applicable.

Kiko Japanese Sushi and Thai does not store data collected through this website in any location outside of the United States. If you are visiting from the European Union (“EU”) or other regions with laws governing data collection and use that may differ from U.S. law, by providing your Personal Information on our Websites, you are acknowledging that such collection may occur and expressly grant permission to do so. Kiko will take appropriate steps to ensure that your Personal Information is protected and handled as described in this Privacy Policy (the “Notice”).